River City Rounds

Round Dance Club

Fall Festival 2022

September 9 & 10, 2022

"You're the One that I Want" (CH III)

cued by Gerry Tevlin

"Don't Mess Around with Jim" (TS II)

demo dance by Fred & Cathy Fisher

"When You're Gone Tomorrow" (RB III)

cued by Cathy Fisher

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Our club's monthly dances

"Let There Be Peace on Earth" (WZ II)

cued by Jacqui Landau

"Flim Flam Man" (FT III)

cued by Gerry Tevlin

"Come Dance With Me" (FT III)

cued by Pat Hilton

"Get This Party Started" (CH MX)

cued by Cathy Fisher

"The Majestic" (TS II)

cued by Bob Pyles

"Attitude of Gratitude" (RB III)

cued by Bob Tevlin